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Everything was explained before they started and everything was done with a very professional way. All workers were very good and explained anything I wanted to know. The job is not quite complete because of work I had to do after the furnace was installed and then one return has to be installed. All work was completed and turned on and checked before they left. One problem came up and was corrected immediately. I would reccommend this Company to anyone if they were serious about having work done.

- Homeowner in Terryville

I was in a pinch, a broken furnace during an extended cold streak. They came quickly and did an excellent job installing the new furnace. Everything was perfect and very smooth. Would recommend strongly.

- Sean P. in Waterbury

They actually conducted a heat loss study to determine what size boiler I needed. Employees were very careful and did a great job! Couldn't ask for any more from a company.

- John T. in Watertown

they were professional and got it done in 1 day as promised.

- John D. in Terryville

Reviewed all my heating needs and helped me select the best system for my home. Others just quoted replacing the current system.

- Homeowner in Torrington

Very knowledgeable and professional. Had A.O. Smith power vented water heater installed the same afternoon that I called,

- Cynthia W. in Canton

Its been about a 1 1/2 years since the installation, and everything is working great. Even impressed with yearly maintenance tech who took the extra tme to check everything and cleaned throughly. About Pelletier, Very Proffesional, even the installers were very polite. Gary was the only sales/owner that came and did the proper measurements of the house, and evaluation of effeciency to select the proper sized boiler for our house. He provided effeciency documents.Excellent Price which even included the computer and outside sensor to automatically change boiler temps based on outside/seasons.

- Matthew J. in Winsted

I needed quick service on a 45 year old hot water boiler in a 1938 house I recently purchased.  While I could get the pilot light lit, nothing I did could get the boiler to fire (water was circulating).?On Wednesday I contacted Pelletier Mechanical as Gary (the owner) had been out giving me estimates on the various repairs and modifications I wanted to make.  While Gary was out of the office training (again), Laura his admin arranged for Bill to come out on Friday.  She provided an estimated cost (right on) and a 2 hour window.?Bill showed up on time and after a brief discussion get right to work.  Bill spent about 15 mins. systematically determining why the flame would not light.  He discovered that there the gas was not making it to the main control valve.  He reset the safety shut off valve and the problem was solved.  He then checked all the radiators to make sure that hot water was making it through out the house.  After we determined that the upstairs radiators were not getting hot, Bill checked the water pressure and determined that the pressure was insufficient to fill the upstairs radiators in "real  time".  He suggested that the culprit was the 45 year old water valve and pressure release valve which being cast iron tend to corrode and clog in time.  He proposed a replacement solution and priced it out, and offered to pick up the parts and replace the valves that afternoon.  I decided to wait a few weeks so I could consider replacing the entire boiler.?While we were waiting on the boiler to come up to heat, Bill and I walked through the basement looking at the existing plumbing, tracing the water flow path and discussing the possibility of replacing the hot water tank with a tankless unit. (The hot water run is about 60-65 feet from HW tank to kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)  Bill, like Gary, is knowledgeable and informative.?I will have Pelletier Mechanical  back to do more work on the

- Alan T. in Waterbury

We have this company come every year to check  out our furnace, to make sure it's maintained in well working order.  This same company installed our furnace four years ago, and I am being honest when I say they are so professional and polite.  Any questions we had were answered,   We will continue to do business with this company, and it's a pleasure to be able to write a review for others to read. This is a company I highly recommend.  They show up on time,  explain the job they are going to do, and leave a clean area when done.  Very professional company.  They earn an "A" rating from my husband and I.

- Diane B. in Waterbury

put in 3 rooms radiator covers and new heating elements. the work went well  and his workers where friendly and did a good job  in about 4 hours  cleaned up and left no mess.

- Albert L. in Thomaston