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Nine Reasons for Having a Tuneup Service Agreement!

Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC - Nine Reasons for Having a Tuneup Service Agreement!

1. Receive a 15% Discount on all Parts and Labor for all normal repairs!

2. If you ever need normal service having a Service Agreement will provide you with Priority Scheduling, "move to the top of the list"!

3. If you need Emergency Service, you will be Billed at our Normal Rates!

4. Smoother Operation so the equipment operates Quieter!

5. Routine Tuneup Maintenance Prolongs the life of your Equipment!

6. Routine Tuneup Maintenance Reduces your Energy Bills!

7. Tuneup Service Agreements are required by most manufacturers to Maintain the Manufacturers Parts Warranty!

8. Routine Tuneup Maintenance assures that your Heating Equipment is operating Safely, Peace of Mind (up tp 100,000 expansions and contractions a year)! 

9. Tuneup Service Agreements provide good documentation that you maintain your equipment thus assisting if you decide to sell your home!