HVAC Design Services

HVAC Design Services

Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC can create the HVAC system that you need for your home

Many homes today have inferior HVAC systems that perform at a far lower energy efficiency than they should. These poorly designed systems often have improperly sized ductwork, circulate air unevenly through the rooms, draw pollutants through leaky ducts to blow them into the living spaces, and generally drain excess power so they cost far too much to run for too small a return in comfort.

But your home doesn’t have to suffer from these problems when you arrange for HVAC design services from Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC. We provide high-quality design-build for HVAC systems in Greater Waterbury that will deliver a custom system for your home that will handle heating and cooling at the highest levels of efficiency and comfort

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ACCA Manual J Load Calculations

The load calculation is a critical part of any HVAC design since it reveals exactly how much cooling and heating a space requires. If an HVAC system is undersized, it will result in inferior temperatures and a strained system. But oversizing can have disastrous consequences as well, such as short–cycling, problems with moisture, and very noisy ducts.

We use the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Manual J load calculation process to determine the amount of heating and cooling your home requires in order to keep your family comfortable without creating energy waste.

ACCA Manual D Duct Designs

The ductwork in your home is more crucial for indoor comfort and the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling than you perhaps realize. If the ducts are the wrong size, it will lower system capacity and prevent the proper amount of air from reaching the rooms. We use the ACCA Manual D Duct Designs process to precisely measure the duct sizing for a home so that it will only help the heating and cooling, never hinder it.

ACCA Quality Installation Verification

The ACCA outlines the procedures that contractors should follow whenever designing and installing any indoor comfort and ventilation system. The technicians at Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC carefully follow these strict quality installation guidelines—and they can recognize when these guidelines have been followed in other work. We can verify if an installation adheres to the ACCA standard’s requirements.

Residential duct pressure testing

A major issue that plagues numerous duct systems is the loss of air pressure through holes, leaks, and gaps at connection points. The technicians at Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC can diagnose the air pressure inside the ductwork of your home through the use of advanced equipment. This allows us to discover the integrity of your ventilation system and find out how to restore its airtightness if it is losing pressure.

Residential air balancing

One of the trickiest parts of ensuring a quality residential HVAC system installation is making sure that the distribution of air throughout the rooms is even. You don’t want to have a powerful heating and cooling system that ends up making some rooms too hot and others too cold because the air distribution is unbalanced. Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC provides air balancing for HVAC systems that will ensure that air flows evenly through a home for maximum comfort and effective use of energy.

Design–build HVAC services

A design-build service means that you only have to work through a single company when it comes to both the designing of your HVAC system and its construction ("build"). Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC is a design-build contractor for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, and when you choose to hire us for your project, you’ll discover why design-build works so well.

There are no additional contractors, no miscommunications: only unified work toward the goal of putting together the right HVAC system to meet all your needs. Put our collected team of HVAC professionals to work for your home in Greater Waterbury and schedule your free estimate!.

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