When to Schedule Gas Line Repairs

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 by Michele Alicky

As far as fossil fuels go, natural gas is largely regarded as the best of the lot. Natural gas is quite versatile, and countless homeowners use it to fuel their water heaters, to heat their homes, and to power their stoves. Regardless of how it is that you choose to use natural gas in your home, though, it is necessary to remember that, like any other fuel or energy source, natural gas has the potential to be quite dangerous if not handled properly. That is why you should schedule gas line repairs at the very first sign that there is a problem with your gas line. If you have any reason to suspect a gas line problem, schedule gas line repairs with Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC immediately. Call (860) 283-0316.

  • A Sulfuric Odor: Most homeowners know that natural gas carries with it a rather sulfuric odor, not unlike that we’d associate with rotten eggs. What some homeowners may not realize is that natural gas is, in its natural state, almost odorless. The sulfur odor we recognize is actually added as a safety measure, meant to alert residents to the presence of natural gas in the home. Should you smell this odor in your home or on your property, contact the appropriate authorities immediately.
  • Flickering Pilots or Flames: There are different reasons as to why pilot lights or even natural gas flames in the home may flicker or frequently go out. In some instances, though, it could be due to problems with the gas line itself. Whatever the precise cause of the problem in your home may be, it is always in your best interest to have the situation assessed as soon as possible.
  • Dying Vegetation: Your gas line runs beneath your property before reaching your home. If your gas line is leaking, it can have the effect of poisoning vegetation in its immediate vicinity. If you notice dead or browning vegetation in a specific area of your yard, contact us right away so that we can evaluate the problem.

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