Why Consider a Radiant Heating Installation

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 by Michele Alicky

The number of options available to homes in Connecticut for heating have increased significantly during the last half century. Where once the gas furnace was the standard when it came to providing a household with warmth for the winter months, many different systems now compete with each other on the marketplace. Which one is the right choice for keeping your house comfortable, no matter the temperature outside?

The answer to that question is different for every home and every family. The best route is to contact a professional heating company, such as Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC at (860) 283-0316, and have them help you select the best new heater for your specific needs.

Radiant heating systems are becoming more popular each year for new installation. Radiant heaters don’t use forced-air to distribute heat through a house, but instead raise the temperature of objects in a room to send out radiant heat (heat that travels from one object to another without heating the space between). Radiant heating systems include boilers that send heated water to baseboard heaters or radiators, and in-floor systems that use hydronics or electrical resistance to raise the temperature of floorboards.

Why should you consider radiant heating? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Cleaner air: Radiant heating will not pick up dust, dirt, and other contaminants from ductwork the way that forced-air heating systems can. This makes them smart choices for homes with people who have allergies or asthma problems.
  • Even heat distribution: Forced-air systems do not spread heat as evenly and quickly around a room as radiant systems, since they blow air from vents and then have it gather at the top of the room. Radiant heating spreads through a space evenly and quickly, and the heat often feels more comfortable to people than that from a standard forced-air furnace or heat pump.
  • Energy efficiency: The fast heating power and even heating spread of radiant systems means they will not need to run as long as other heaters, which can add up to significant savings. They also lose less heat energy as they work.
  • Quiet operation: A radiant heater makes almost no noise at all as it runs.
  • Inconspicuous: If you have radiant floor heating installed in your home, it is almost visually undetectable. You can design and decorate rooms any way you want without concern about an obtrusive heating system—or even vents.

To find out more about the possibilities of radiant heating in Thomaston, Watertown, Oakville, Waterbury, Plymouth, Bristol, Terryville, Northfield, Morris, Litchfield and Harwinton, Connecticut, call Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC at (860) 283-0316.

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