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Ductless air conditioning systems such as the one shown here are a great option for many homeowners.

Are you using an old, inefficient air conditioner or window units to cool your home? If so, consider an air conditioning upgrade from Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC. We install highly efficient, effective air conditioning systems that will keep your home more comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Call us today at 1-844-329-2725 or click below to get a free estimate on air conditioning installation for your home! We offer a variety of AC systems that can provide the comfort and efficiency you need for your home. We provide complete air conditioning replacement and new system installation in Litchfield, Waterbury, Bristol, Torrington, and the nearby areas.

Benefits of air conditioning replacement or installation

  • Improved efficiency: Older air conditioning systems can be a major drain on your home's efficiency. Installing a modern, ENERGY STAR rated system will help you save money on your cooling costs and allow you to run your AC system less without losing results.
  • Multiple options: Some homeowners are concerned about the cost and difficulty of air conditioner installation. We provide both central AC systems and ductless AC systems, which provide solutions for different types of HVAC systems. Our experts can evaluate your home and recommend the best solution for your needs.
  • More comfortable home: No one wants to deal with an uncomfortably hot home. An air conditioning system is a smart solution to this problem, and a central or ductless system will be far more effective than window units. What's more, the installation of these systems will raise your home's resale value.

If your home already has a central air conditioning system, checking the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating will help you understand the efficiency. ENERGY STAR qualified central air conditioners must have a SEER of at least 14.5. Upgrading to a modern unit often brings energy savings because newer units provide such high efficiency. For homeowners without an AC system, whether a central or ductless system is best is often determined by your existing ductwork and your budget.

Upgrade your home with air conditioning installation today

If you're interested in installing a new air conditioning system in your home or replacing your existing one, the experts at Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC are here to help. Our complete air conditioning installation services will help you create a more comfortable, efficient home.

Call us today at 1-844-329-2725 or contact us online to get a free estimate on air conditioning replacement or installation for your home. We offer all our services in Litchfield, Waterbury, Bristol, Torrington, Watertown, Prospect, Naugatuck, Southington, Cheshire, Wolcott, Plymouth, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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