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Keep the air in your business clean and germ free

The air in your building is probably not as clear as it looks. Millions of microscopic airborne contaminants are commonly found inside buildings, including dust, pollen, germs, mold spores, mites, and dander. None of these are all that healthy to inhale, and some of them can be quite harmful if inhaled in large enough amounts.

In order to combat these contaminants, you’re going to need to install a commercial air purifier. Contact Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC today to schedule your free estimate and ask about our commercial air purifier services in the Bristol, Litchfield, Waterbury, Torrington area.

Why Commercial Air Purifiers are Necessary

As mentioned above, airborne contaminants can have a substantial negative effect on your health and that of your employees. Many common airborne contaminants are allergens, which can cause allergy attacks in those who are vulnerable to them. Others are infectious agents, which cause all sorts of illnesses if allowed to infect a person.

If you want your employees and yourself to be as healthy as possible, you’re going to need to remove these contaminants. Installing an air purifier is the best way of doing so.

Types of Commercial Air Purifiers

There are many kinds of commercial air purifiers, each suited to a different situation. Have a look at some of the most common ones:

  • Air Filters: The simplest of the air purifiers, an air filter is just a woven fiber mesh stretched across a section of duct. As your commercial HVAC system circulates air through the filter, any airborne contaminants become trapped in the mesh. Air filters are among the more popular types of air purifiers.
  • Ionization Purifiers: Also called "electronic air filters," ionization purifiers use electric fields to charge the particles that pass through them. Once a particle has been charged, it will stick to one of the metal collector plates in the device. These plates can then be removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants.
  • UV Air Purifiers: UV air purifiers are one of the only kinds that don’t physically remove contaminants from your air. That doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, though. A UV air purifier is a large lightbulb that releases waves of ultraviolet light. This sterilizes the air that passes through it, killing off most of the germs being carried through the air. In this way, the purifier improves the quality of your indoor air.

We Install, Repair, and Maintain Commercial Air Purifiers

Installing an air purifier involves finding the ideal spot in your building’s ductwork, so that the device can treat all air being circulated through the building. After that, most purifiers will need to be integrated into the building’s electrical grid. This is why you should trust professional commercial indoor air quality specialists to handle your indoor air purifier installation.

We also repair and maintain commercial air purifiers. If your air purifier is experiencing problems, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. The ideal maintenance schedule for your air purifier will depend on its type.

Contact Pelletier Mechanical Services, LLC today to schedule your free estimate! We can also help you figure out the best maintenance schedule for your air purifier in Southington, Naugatuck, Watertown, Prospect, Cheshire, Plymouth, Wolcott, and nearby.

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