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Your water heater is under a lot of stress on a day–to–day basis, even though you don’t realize it. Every time you turn on a hot water appliance in your home, which is probably often, your water heater works to provide you with a continuous supply. If you have a storage-tank water heater, as most of the country does, it is actually keeping a supply of water constantly heated just in case you call for it. All of this use makes maintenance much more important for your water heater than it is for other systems in your home.

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Common Water Heater Maintenance Procedures

Water heater maintenance is just as much about preventive repairs as anything else. Even if your water heater technician doesn’t find anything wrong with your system, he or she will still run through a few procedures to keep it from developing any problems. A few of those common procedures are listed here:

  • Checking/Replacing the Anode Rod: If you have a storage-tank water heater, the anode rod is the part that prevents the tank from rusting. It is a long, metal rod that is inserted into the tank and degrades instead of the tank lining. Once the anode rod has degraded far enough, however, it needs to be replaced. It’s pretty common to check the anode rod during a maintenance visit, just to make sure that the water heater is still protected from rust.
  • Water Heater Flush: As water flows through the water heater it will deposit small amounts of minerals on the bottom of the tank. These mineral deposits will build much faster the harder your water is. If the sediment isn’t flushed out regularly, it can collect on the bottom of the tank and act as an insulator. This will prevent heat from being transferred into the tank to heat the water. Sediment flushing is basically just letting water flow out of the system, taking the loose sediment with it.
  • Tank Cleaning: If there is more solidified debris stuck to the walls and floor of the tank, it will need to be manually scrubbed out. This involves turning off the water flow to the water heater, draining the tank completely, and scrubbing out any sediment or other material that doesn’t belong in the tank. This usually doesn’t need to be done during every maintenance visit, but it’s occasionally necessary. When it is necessary, you don’t want to ignore it. Otherwise, the efficiency and operating costs associated with your water heater can be drastically and negatively affected.

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